t3 Broadband joins Athonet’s 5G Consortium

5G Consortium Continues to Expand Adding New Members to Private Mobile Networks Ecosystem

Alpharetta, GA, June 28, 2023Athonet, a global leader in private network technology, approved new members to the 5G Consortium, a vendor ecosystem of companies and organizations to promote the deployment of private mobile networks.

“We launched the 5G Consortium a year ago in response to customers asking for end-to-end solutions that were already certified to work together for private networks,” said Simon O’Donnell, president of Athonet USA. “As we test new hardware and services and bring them to customers in real-world business cases, we are able to expand the offering and reach new industries and countries.”

The goal of the 5G Consortium is to mutually promote an ecosystem of products and services that support LTE, 5G and CBRS private network deployments; collaborate in marketing the consortium; and conduct testing between products to ensure solutions are interoperable with each other and within the private LTE and 5G cellular environment.

New members to the 5G Consortium bring additional global expertise as well as hardware and services capabilities.

Evan Achillopoulos, Chief Technology Officer, Acromove
“It’s interesting how easy is to deploy and work with Athonet 5G Core but mostly we loved the support level and determination they offer, to deliver high quality services to its customers.”

Mark Sunderland, Director of Business Development, DKK NA
“DKK NA is happy to announce our membership in Athonet’s 5G Consortium to ensure all DKK NA provided equipment is 5G O-RAN compatible.  DKK NA believes 5G O-RAN will be successful for consumers worldwide in providing an interoperable, low-latency network and DKK NA is excited to supply 5G Consortium verified equipment for global deployment.”

Stephen Leotis, President, MosoLabs
“MosoLabs has worked closely with Athonet over the past several years to build 4G and 5G private networks for a variety of organizations around the world. We are excited to join the 5G Consortium where we will expand our reach and develop new collaborations with 5G Consortium members to offer trusted technology and service solutions to maximize the benefits of private networks for new industries.

Christopher Gehlen, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Neutroon
“We are excited to be partnering with Athonet and joining the 5G Consortium. Neutroon adds complementary elements to the Athonet solution that we believe are extremely valuable for MPN operators, which could range from a large MNO to a small enterprise IT team. We are already seeing these benefits materialize with a large customer in the U.S. and we are seeing a growing interest from small and large MPN operators in our solution.”

Chris Crowe, Chief Executive Officer, t3 Broadband
“t3 Broadband pleased to participate in the Athonet Consortium. Building upon our longstanding relationship with Athonet, as a Member we are look forward to the opportunity to collaborate with the Consortium in driving innovative network solutions for Private LTE and fixed wireless broadband networks, effectively bridging the digital divide.”

About Athonet

Athonet, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise company, is a leader in private cellular network technology delivering a mobile core to enterprises and communication service providers to connect applications, devices and radios. With more than 10 years of experience in delivering 4G/5G mobile core solutions to customers and partners in every region of the world, Athonet supports key industries where network control, mobility, security, performance, reliability and cost are important for business outcomes. Find out more www.athonet.com.

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