Business and Network Planning Services

Explore new markets confidently with experienced evaluation and planning services.

t3 provides a range of commercial and planning services to assist service providers in understanding how to deploy broadband networks to their customers efficiently and economically.  t3 takes an economics-first approach by defining commercial success requirements for each customer solution.  The result is a customer-specific evaluation and set of options that meet these targets across economic and technical domains.

t3 has developed its proprietary t3leVerse™ solution to economically design, engineer, and optimize specific site solutions well as full networks to deliver on the requirements for a service provider’s residential, business, and industrial customers in rural and dense markets.  t3 can provide an economic view of the specific service provider’s capital plan to support optimizing both the spend and schedule for deploying these networks.

t3 furnishes a range of services supporting the following service provider issues and opportunities:

  • Government Broadband Program Evaluation and Compliance with t3leVerse
  • Business Plan Assessment - Feasibility
  • Technology/Options Assessment
  • Insource vs. Outsource Operating Expense/Capital Expense Evaluation
  • Capital Expense Optimization
  • Network Expansion and Evolution
  • Customer Experience/ Network Performance Improvement

t3’s Business and Network Planning Services portfolio includes the following capabilities:

  • Strategy & Marketing
  • Business Case, Financial, and Economic Modeling
  • Market & Business Intelligence
  • Go-to-Market Planning and Strategy
  • Customer Acquisition Opportunities and Profiles
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Government Broadband Program Strategy and Assessment ( BEAD, RDOF, ReConnect, State, others.)
  • Partner/ Vendor Selection