Fixed Wireless Access

t3 Broadband has over 20 years of experience developing and deploying fixed wireless solutions.

Fixed Wireless Access services allow service providers to deliver fast, reliable, and economical broadband services to rural and dense markets, especially where fiber is prohibitively expensive or time consuming to deploy and maintain. t3 is a leader in developing and deploying fixed wireless solutions for over 20 years, developing tools and processes to deliver these solutions with confidence to meet our customers’ business objectives.

t3 has developed its proprietary t3lePath™ process to economically design, engineer, and optimize specific site solutions as well as full networks to deliver on the requirements for a service provider’s residential, business, and industrial customers in rural and dense markets.

We support solutions from multiple vendors covering licensed and unlicensed spectrum as well as proprietary and 3GPP 4G LTE and 5G standards-based technologies. These OEMs include Samsung, Cambium, and others.

4G LTE/5G and Mobility

Engage t3 Broadband to design, plan, engineer, and optimize your 4G LTE and 5G mobile network solutions.

4G LTE and 5G networks support the ability to communicate, access information, and consume video content on-demand, anywhere, anytime. Mobile and fixed service providers are investing billions of dollars in upgrading and evolving their networks to meet rapidly changing residential, commercial, and industrial demands.

Service providers engage t3 to design, plan, engineer, and optimize individual sites to complete networks to address the changing coverage, capacity, performance, and user experience requirements, especially with the evolution from 3G and 4G LTE networks to 5G networks.

We support all major 4G LTE and 5G OEMs: Samsung, Ericsson, and Nokia, as well as Airspan and other vendors.

Optical Transport

t3 provides optical transport products supporting optical edge, aggregation, and long-haul transport requirements.

Bandwidth demands continue to grow, driven by higher capacity 5G networks, work-from-home capabilities, and general growth in video consumption. Based on these requirements, optical transport solutions allow service providers to provide efficient and highly scalable network capabilities to various residential, commercial, cellsite, and other industrial locations.

t3 provides optical transport solutions covering the edge, aggregation/middle mile networks, and long-haul transport networks. t3’s optical transport solutions also provide the ability to integrate into a multivendor optical network using alienwave technologies, providing for new and scalable solutions not otherwise available. t3 also can provide optical network transport equipment supporting high-bandwidth cellsite backhaul requirements.

Microwave Transport

Microwave radio solutions enables delivery of mission-critical services in areas where fiber is not available or not economical to deploy.

Microwave transport services provide a cost-effective alternative to fiber and fixed transport due to economic and geographic constraints. Microwave radio solutions are a highly reliable transport and mobile backhaul solution that enables service providers, utilities, public safety, and private networks to deliver mission-critical services in areas where fiber is not available or not economical to deploy.

t3 designs, engineers, and optimizes microwave links, performs pathing and integration, and ensures path performance across geographic, atmospheric, and meteorological conditions.

t3 supports microwave solutions from Ceragon, Cambium, Siklu, as well as other OEM vendors.