We Build Broadband Networks

We believe broadband is the economic driver for communities.

Where we began

t3 Wireless, Inc., now doing business as t3 Broadband, was founded on the principle that providing economical broadband to rural communities through its service provider customers is as critical, if not more so, as in urban centers.

Where we are going

We believe broadband is the economic driver for communities. With the economy evolving towards being always-connected, access to broadband connections is becoming an essential service. It is our mission to support service providers, utilities, and communities of all sizes by helping them bring fast and reliable broadband services economically, quickly, and everywhere to their customers.

There are estimates that at least 42 million Americans lack access to basic broadband service, most of these in rural location.

There remains a significant opportunity to provide broadband to your customer base, and selecting the right partners and solutions are critical to your success. Our roots are firmly established in this space, doing exactly that. We offer a team of experts that come from this industry, serving these customers, understanding the challenges, and most importantly consistently deliver reliable cost-effective solutions.